What will be taught at the Restore Conference?

The teaching at the 2020 conference will be on restoring fallen or sidetracked believers. This is the responsibility of the spiritual believer to help restore the sidetracked believer back to Fellowship with God and the community of believers. I personally will be addressing the restoration of any believer by those who will help them. My guest minister will be addressing the restoration of pastors or other ministers.

Who is your guest minister and what will he be ministering on?

My guest minister is Mike Fehleuer. He came through two moral failures as a pastor and God has restored him through His grace and the help of many ministers and friends. He is extremely open and honest about his fall and even more honest about the attitude that helped bring him back to a position of strength to fulfill his call in life. He will speak strongly to the hearts of all who attend. 

Why did you decide to hold a conference on this topic?

More Christians and ministers are falling for the attractions of the world today than ever and it is not being published or addressed. It used to be that a minister or prominent Christian who fell morally was known within days within the community of believers. Today is it passed off and even treated as non relevant to the local church and Christian world as a whole. It’s almost as if people are thinking it happens so much, it is just a fact of the Christian life. No one is perfect, why should we place standards on the lives of others or ourselves? The Bible and it’s answers are the same today and will work today.

Who will benefit from attending this conference?

Everyone who is attending knows personally a Christian who has failed whether a family member, church leader or leading ministers. Many who attend have probably go through a spiritual or moral failure in their own Christian life. Hope will be restored and instruction on how to restore hope in the lives of others. It is the responsibility of every mature believer to help the immature believer who is caught up in sin to come back. This is why all sessions will be open to all who attend, ministers as well as church members. 

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